Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Personalized Luggage Shaker Tag

My daughter recently started school and will be playing the violin in the school orchestra.  I wanted to create a personalized luggage tag for her violin so she could find it among the others in the music room easily, and so if it got lost it could find its way back to us easily.

I decided to make a shaker tag using my fuse tool, but worried about the durability of it since it will be lugged to and from school on a daily basis.  I found these heavy duty clear luggage tags on Amazon.  They have a nice zip tight seal that makes them waterproof, a metal grommet, and a stainless steel loop to attach it to your luggage.  They're a little larger than I envisioned, but maybe that's a good thing - she  won't be able to miss it.

I put one strip of colored cardstock along with some glitter and microbeads in each pouch before sealing with the fuse tool.  In one pocket I included a strip with her name on the front and her contact information on the back.  When I showed my daughter what I made for her she let out a gasp, and then I got a "oh my gosh that is literally the cutest thing in the whole entire world" followed by a huge hug.  I hope there never comes a day when she doesn't like my little handcrafted projects.  I'm glad it was tween-ager approved.

Products used:
Cole's ABC's Alphabet Dies by Lawn Fawn
Glitter and Microbeads by Martha Stewart Crafts
Fuse Tool by We R Memory Keepers
Cruise Ship Luggage Tags

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